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Microsoft’s new cooling system dunks information servers in boiling liquid

Liquid cooling is among the only methods to maintain computer systems from overheating. Whereas the pure first alternative is likely to be a liquid that runs chilly, Microsoft has now accomplished the precise reverse, demonstrating a system to chill its cloud servers by dunking the computer systems right into a tank filled with boiling liquid.

Electronics produce warmth as they work, which may result in failure if it will get out of hand. In information facilities that may turn into an enormous downside, requiring around-the-clock air con that in flip makes these services large guzzlers of power. To counter that, firms have began constructing information facilities within the Arctic circle, below the ocean, or beneath Norwegian fjords.

Now Microsoft has proven off a intelligent new method, which it calls a two-phase liquid immersion cooling system. The electronics are literally immersed in a vat of liquid, which wicks away the warmth they produce whereas operating. This liquid has a low boiling level of simply 50 °C (122 °F), so it doesn’t take lengthy for it to bubble away. Because it evaporates, the vapor hits a cooled condenser within the lid of the tank and rains again down, making a closed loop.

Ioannis Manousakis (left), principal software engineer, and Husam Alissa (right), principal hardware engineer, inspect a tank of the new cooling system

Ioannis Manousakis (left), principal software program engineer, and Husam Alissa (proper), principal {hardware} engineer, examine a tank of the brand new cooling system

Gene Twedt for Microsoft

The liquid itself is an odd concoction specifically designed for this process to have a low boiling level. It’s additionally “dielectric,” that means it acts like an insulator so it received’t brief out the electronics whereas they’re operating.

Microsoft says that this system has a number of benefits. It ought to scale back failure charges of particular person parts and permit them to be overclocked with out danger of overheating. And with that danger eliminated, the chips may be crammed in additional densely to enhance latency and efficiency.

For now, the corporate is operating one take a look at in a knowledge middle in Redmond, Washington, the place it can monitor the outcomes over the subsequent few months. If all of it goes effectively, Microsoft says it would find yourself in additional of its services.

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